Enhanced driver engagement

Improving Drivers Behaviour through Feedback

We believe that the driver is a key component in the whole value chain. Improving driving through feedback is a critical factor for insurance telematics to work. We believe that insurance should not only manage risk but also educate and motivate drivers to drive better. This will in turn decrease risk and increase road safety.

Through our Driver App, the driver can receive information on how he is driving and how he can improve. We also deliver key insights to help him save money while increasing the safety of himself and that of others.


Engage with your customer

  • Understand your customer
    With your own branded app, users will be able to engage with your company and you can start understanding your customer better through his engagement..
  • Communicate 
    Through the customer app, you can improve the communication between your customer and your company. Make sure you get your message across and at the same time make sure you receive the necessary feedback.
  • Educate
    By providing feedback to your customers, you can also educate your customers to driver better thus reducing claims.
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